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About Julia


Meet Julia from Cabarete Real Estate

Julia Rocher has been part of this town for 17+ years; she has experience with and understanding of the area and can assess her clients’ situation dispassionately. It is essential to find the right real estate match for her clients and give expert guidance, as she knows that purchasing a home is a significant and expensive life decision.

Her journey did not start here but in the coastal town of Knokke, Belgium, where she spent the first half of her life.

Earning herself a Masters in Translation of Dutch/ Spanish/ and French, this paved the way for her journey into connecting with many countries and cultures. Her ambition and hard work enabled her to be successful across Europe within the jewelry industry. She had set herself up well, but her real dream was waiting for her across some oceans.

Realizing her goal to create her dream lifestyle, she decided to make a change. To live amongst the sunshine, one needs to decide to stop chasing it. So that is what she did. She found this unique little beach town of Cabarete while on vacation, and it spoke to her soul. It is here where the dream would begin. She returned to Europe to sell her business and made a move to turn her dreams into reality! Cabarete was her ideal place to call home.

Julia started her real estate journey working with other real estate companies on the island. In 2015 she joined Cabarete Real Estate in the hands of Jens and Eva Knof, where she worked as a sales agent for six years. With the purchase of Cabarete Real Estate in February 2020, Julia became a broker within her career and within navigating and conquering her dreams. Specializing in beachfront and beachside condos, villas, and land within the Cabarete area, her passion is to assist her clients with investing in their dreams, just like she did with hers.

This tropical Caribbean town is exceptional, and the more one gets to know Cabarete, the more they fall in love with it. It is visually stunning, but the community that brings it alive is an extraordinary part of it.

As someone who has dreamed of this lifestyle and then done the work to get there, you can trust her with your most pressing questions and significant decisions; She guides her clients safely towards their destiny (of a brand new home or investment!) The perfect example of “investing in your dreams, so they become your reality.”