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Cabarete is known the world over as a top destination for surf sports.

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Ziplining Cabarete & Cabrera

Batman Becomes Tarzan in Dominican Republic

In the Dominican Republic you won't find only bats flying around, but also Batman. The actor, Christian Bale, who plays Batman, enjoys the North Coast. What a joy to have such a successful actor, who has won an Oscar, Golden Global Award, and a SAG, visit the adventure park, Laguna Dudu. The day Batman was ziplining, everyone was excited to have him there, maybe thinking: "if Batman can do it, so can I." And if not, like the superhero he is, Batman would be there to save the day.

Thanks to Yadi Alveraz from Yoruedo Tours for sharing this video with us!

Due to the fall you must take into the lagoon, there is only a large triangular area in which you can land safely; if you forget to let go in this designated area there's a strong chance of hitting solid rock. We would call this extreme ziplining! However, Batman was in good hands...

Extreme Ziplining Safety

The men who work the zipline are very attentive and will always tell you in time when you have to let go. In the Batman video, you can hear the men advising Christian Bale about the drop. Does this sound familiar? Think of the movie "Divergent", and its futuristic city zip line. No doubt the most expensive zipline setup in the world, as is the norm for film sets.

Cave Diving & More, Laguna Dudu

At Laguna Dudu, located in Cabrera, 81.1 km (1 hour and 10 minutes) from Cabarete, you'll see a variety of animals, a walk-in cave, two lagoons, one of which is available for extreme ziplining and cave diving (the only onein the world to have two connected lagoon caves). Especially in the summer, it's probably one of the most refreshing things you could take on, thanks to the adrenaline rush from the zip line and the cold dip in the water after the drop.


The lagoon is absolutely beautiful, surrounded by high caves and many varieties of trees that add to the feel of a lagoon in the middle of the jungle. If you visit in December, not to worry, it won't be that chilly, the sunshine will still touch the lagoon water and paint it 50 shades of blue.


However, if your Batman skills are not up to par, closer to Cabarete you'll find another zip line adventure. No lagoon, but amazing mountainous scenery.

Monkey Jungle, Cabarete

On El choco Road is an adventure park called Monkey Jungle, about 9km up the road from Haciendas El Choco. This zip line is connected from one mountain to another. It's a great way to have fun and do something helpful at the same time, because proceeds go to charity. It's an ACCT Certified zip line with 7 stations and 2 suspended bridges, one has a free fall fan descender that drops you over 50 feet into an ancient bat cave. This seems a natural fit for someone who goes by the name of Batman (maybe he was told the cave next to the baboons and he understood the cave next to the lagoons). 


And, since the line runs 4,500 feet above the ground, if you're afraid of heights, walk a few steps to the botanical garden where you can feed and play with the capuchin and squirrel monkeys. They absolutely love the presence of every person walking into the garden. The whole family of 6 or 8 monkeys will probably come and sit on your arms, head, or shoulders, anywhere there is room. If you're animal friendly, this is a thrill you won't want to miss.



Many thanks to Clara for sharing her Monkey Jungle picture!

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