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Cabarete: Our Paradise!

There’s much more to Cabarete than Cabarete Bay. Its boundaries stretch to Sosua to the west and Islabon to the East. Cabarete Real Estate in Paradise offers properties for everyone, from private billionaire lifestyles to turnkey living in oceanfront condos.


1 – Cabarete is Breathtaking!

We’re on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic and, unlike most islands in the Caribbean, this is an impressive island size, twice the size of New Hampshire, with much to explore.

Gorgeous landscapes, beaches and all year around good climate make it a favorable destination for many. Some visit for a week and stay for a lifetime.

2 – Cabarete is Fun!

Water sports on a very high energy beach; year around surfing with world class conditions for kiteboarding, windsurfing, stand up paddle board, and laser sailing.

Interested in exploring other adventures? Cabarete also offers golf, mountain biking, motocross, horseback riding, cannoning, river rafting, snorkeling, scuba diving and many more!

3 – Cabarete also means:





We’re blessed to produce some of life’s luxuries right here on our island.

Plus a broad restaurant selection of local criollo (traditional dominican), seafood, and international cuisine including some fantastic Italian, French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Indian, Thai and other exotic flavors.

4 – Cabarete is Priced Right!

Cabarete offers the most attractively priced real estate compared to other parts of the Caribbean.

Multiple options to choose from for all budgets and sizes in condos and villas.

5 – It’s Easy!

Uncomplicated immigration laws and tourist visa permits for the occasional visitor or permanent resident. Easy and safe process to buy a property with titles under your own name or chosen company.

Airports: only 25 minutes from the Puerto Plata Int’l airport, 1.5 hours from Santiago’s, and 4 hours from Santo Domingo’s. Short 3-5 hrs direct flights from many large cities like Atlanta, New York, Miami, Montreal and Toronto.

6 – Happy spirited people!

Although Spanish is the official language, you will find that most Dominicans are happy to help with a smile whether they speak your language or not.

Lower labor costs mean you can have a maid, a gardener, a cook and/or a personal assistant for a fraction of what it would cost you in your home country! And enjoy plenty of volunteer opportunities to bring out the philanthropist in you!

In Cabarete, language is never a barrier because we have a fantastic expat community from all over the world which creates a great cultural exchange. We’re a dynamic combination of retirees, young families, and healthy sport addicts!

7 – A wonderful place to live with your family, retire, or begin a new life.

Our agents have lived in this beautiful town for the sum of 45 years. Additionally, our broker Jens Knof raised his family here after decades as a pioneer in Cabarete’s surfing sports.

“Why should you invest in Cabarete, Dominican Republic?”… The real question is: “WHY NOT???”