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Kitesurfing & Windsurfing
Ranked among the 10 best sites in the world, Cabarete is where it’s at for these exciting sports. It was windsurfing that put Cabarete on the sporting map in the late 80s.

Surfing and Boogie-Boarding
The north coast of the Dominican Republic is one of the best-kept secrets in the surfing world. Safe, clear, warm waters and clean uncrowded waves for you to surf all by yourself make it one of the best spots in this part of the globe.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP)
From the tranquil Cabarete lagoons to the reef swells in the Bay of Cabarete, Kite Beach and Encuentro, there is a perfect spot for every level of Stand Up Paddle Boarding.

Somewhere between a gentle stroll in the park and an army obstacle course, canyoning is the adventure activity par excellence of the Dominican Republic. Climbers will love it; swimmers will love it; hikers will love it; eco-freaks will love it; we loved it, and so will you.

Imagine riding the perfect wake on a perfectly flat river in a perfect tropical surrounding. That’s what you get in Cabarete.

Scuba diving
Whether you’re an experienced diver or a beginner, you’re bound to enjoy underwater exploration (or snorkeling) nearby. Marvel at the spectacular panorama of the abundant colorful marine life in these incredibly clear Caribbean waters.

World class mountain-biking tours are offered by an internationally renowned local firm. Scenic daily excursions range from beginner trails to challenging advanced-level rides through the bush

Dirt biking / Motocross lessons / Enduro tours
The mountainous terrain behind Cabarete spells out heaven for dirt-bikers. It is literally some of the best and most beautiful playground for enduro-bikers in the world. Motocross professionals in Cabarete have all the gear you may need for the most exhilarating day of your trip to the Dominican Republic.

Horseback riding
Several equestrian ranches nearby offer horseback riding for either trotting along the beach or exploring lush mountain and valley trails.

Avid golfers can play on a 9-hole public course minutes west of Cabarete. An hour to the east is one of the most beautiful greenways in the Caribbean, the Cabrera/Playa Grande Golf Course designed by the famous golf-architect Robert Trent Jones, with 10 of its 18 holes running alongside towering ocean cliffs. He also designed the 18-hole course at the Playa Dorado Beach Resort, located half an hour to the west.

At edge of the village are the renowned Cabarete Caves, part of the El Choco National Park – a must-see. Expert guides show you around and exhibit relics of Taino natives, the original pre-Columbian inhabitants of the island of Hispaniola.

There’s something here for everybody, from challenging adventure-sports tours to more relaxing overland sightseeing expeditions! Wander around just outside the village or behind its serene lagoon. Head off on your own in a rented car or motorcycle to view breath-taking scenery and experience memorable moments being treated to the warm hospitality of the Dominican people. If you rather go with an experienced guide, there are also many organized tours departing from Cabarete.


Spinning classes are available every day from the Spinning Studio located on top of Janet’s Supermarket. www.cabaretespinning.com