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Schools in Cabarete & Sosua

International School Of Sosua

International School of Sosua – private school, classes mostly taught in English, with a few in Spanish, such as Sociales, Lengua Espanola, and preparation for Pruebas Nacionales (Dominican university entrance exam)

Luis Hess – a public school; classes taught in Spanish’

Garden Kids International – private school, classes are taught in English, with a few classes in Spanish such as Sociales, Lengua Espanola, and preparation for Pruebas Nacionales (Dominican university entrance exam)

Nueva Vida- New life Church School (Christian Public School), taught in English

Public School Dominican Republic

Info about Schools

The Dominican school year begins mid-August and runs to mid-June. Two terms are separated by Christmas and the eight-week-long summer break, with classes held from Monday to Friday.

Pre-school & Kindergarten (Nivel Inicial): to age 5
Elementary School (Nivel Basico): ages of 5-11
Middle School: ages 12-14
Highschool/Secondary School (Bachillerato): ages 14-18; grades 9 thru 12.

Schools are accredited by the Ministry of Education and give certificates for Dominican diplomas. Depending on the school, certificates are also given for American diplomas, which are then valid for entrance to International Universities around the world. Tuitions depend on the school; the maximum about $7000 per academic year, with fees higher for older students. Other fees cover lunches, uniforms, school books, and materials.

A popular school trip is the one made to Santo Domingo for the annual International Book Fair.

Read about it in our fun and informative Book Fair Blog.

Book Fair Santo Domingo

Historical Landmark: Thomas Aquinas University
The Dominican Republic boasts the highest mountain and the lake lowest below sea-level. In Santo Domingo, we also have the oldest University in the Western Hemisphere. Originally a seminary for Roman Catholic monks, after becoming a university in 1538, it was named after the priest, Saint Thomas Aquinas: Universidad Santo Tomas de Aquino.

In 1823, it no longer operated as a university, and is now a popular landmark.

Oldest University Santo Domingo