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Healthcare in Cabarete and Sosua

Doctors & Dentists

When you walk into hospitals & clinics servicing Cabarete, Sosua, and Puerto Plata here on the north coast, you may be pleasantly surprised to see modern & clean facilities

In most established medical centers, English is spoken to some extent. We have many excellent doctors, both GPs and specialists, with full service staffs in the medical centers of Sosua, Puerto Plata, and the nearby city of Santiago. Santiago offers the most extensive selection of clinics, MD specialists, labs, and diagnostic equipment on the north coast. There, one can schedule diagnostic procedures like PET scans for a fraction of the cost and virtually no waiting time. Doctors are friendly and motivated to help. Expats or tourists often travel to the Dominican Republic for high quality dental work, with costs significantly lower than back home.

Medical Tourism in the Dominican Republic
On August 24, 2015, the Medical Tourism Association certified the Hospital General de la Plaza de la Salud, in Santo Domingo, as an approved medical tourism facility. The MTA is an international nonprofit organization, and this is its first certification in the Dominican Republic.

Health Insurance in the Dominican Republic

Strongly consider purchasing a health insurance plan. These are available to anyone living in the Dominican Republic. Doctors, hospitals, and clinics accept local and international insurance, although be sure to match up your coverage to your choice of doctor and clinic. Costs for local insurance with different providers range from 400 RD to 2600 RD monthly ($10 to $60), depending on your needs and preferences. For visitors, as long as you are carry good travel insurance from your home country or one of the special international policies, you will be covered in the best facilities.

Pharmacies (Farmacias) Sosua & Cabarete

The first pharmacy operating in our area of Sosua and Cabarete is still in business today; Farmacia Sosua is located next to the little Playero in central Sosua.

Like other good pharmacies, it carries quality brands manufactured internationally, as well as generic ones made in the Dominican Republic. For some medications, this may be worth noting. A written doctor’s prescription is not needed, unless one is buying narcotics like morphine. Medication is usually cheaper than in other countries.

24 Hour Pharmacy: Farmacia Alberto, located on the main Hwy near Caribe Tours in Los Charamicos, Sosua.

Carol Farmacia: Super Pola, Sosua
Farmacia Sosua, next to the small Playero
Cereia Farmacia: Plaza Internacional Sosua
We Care Farmacia: Sosua, across from Orange Plaza & in Cabarete, Ocean One Plaza
Farmacia Samuel: Ocean Dream Plaza

Expats: A Knowledge Base

The strong expat communities in Sosua and Cabarete provide an excellent knowledge base for any questions you might have, and are always helpful with information and wisdom gathered over many years of living here. Remember, in the Dominican Republic, it’s wise to be proactive, so do your research on the doctors and medical centers most suitable for your needs and health concerns.