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Home Staging ideas
Often owners overlook the need to have their architectural or interior design work checked or reviewed.

You can ask an experienced interior designer or space planner to review your architectural plans. Simply having the opinion of an interior space or planning expert is in no way a criticism of the architect. Ultimately, the builder, architect, and interior design specialist should collectively review the plans and offer the best suggestions and refinements to ensure the best overall result.
Your participation in this process is paramount. You need to know how each space will perform for your family and whether this space is adequate for its intended use. Use a space planning expert who you feel understands your desired result. A responsible owner’s representative may also engage in this process with you from the outset to ensure that your best interests are safeguarded.

Prior to the home renovation process, you and your various professional service providers should review all aspects of the existing home. Review all appliances, air conditioners, generators, pumps, hot water heaters, fans, windows, doors, furnishings and other items to determine in advance which items may be re-used or recycled. This is likely to impact your final budget. It is important to recognize that items you may discard are of value to the general Dominican population. Dominicans are great recyclers. Bonuses given along the way, consisting of used and discarded items in exchange for good work or meeting timelines, is a wise and rewarding plan. The Dominican workers will regard these items as valuable and you will be allowing discarded items the opportunity to begin a new and useful life.

Have Fun, Listen & Learn
In conclusion, it is important to note that executing a home renovation project in the Dominican Republic involves emerging into a local culture that may not intuitively understand the wants or needs of a foreigner or individual who is of a higher financial standard of living.
Few experiences in life have the potential to be either exhilarating or devastating like the process of renovating an existing home. Time and energy spent on the front-end planning, selecting a home that comes with “good bones”, and utilizing a quality team of professionals can ensure that the process is both an unmatched exercise in self expression and a good business decision. Accept the surprise factor as an adventure of learning along the way. Plan in advance to have generous contingencies allowed for the surprises that will come.